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Parts of a Book



Book Parts - Grades 1-2 - Teaches parts of a book using movement and paper and pencil activities.  Also has a link to a PowerPoint presentation.  Developed by Sarah Latcham.

Book Parts (SMART Activity) - Grades 1-2 - Teaches labeling of parts of a book using the SMART Board.  Developed by Anne Marie Kraus.

Using Illustrations to Enhance a Story - Grade 1 - Teaches how endpapers and illustrations help tell the story, using the picture book Bunny Money by Wells.  Developed by Michelle Morey.

Using Nonfiction Book Elements to Locate Information - Grades 3-4 - Teaches use of table of contents, index, glossary. Includes worksheet and SMART file. Developed by Michelle Morey.

Handouts / Charts

Cover and Spine worksheet - Graphic of book cover and spine to complete.  Developed by Sarah Latcham.

Using Nonfiction Book Elements worksheet - Accompanies lesson.  Developed by Michelle Morey.


Book Parts Assessment - Multiple choice and label assessment.  Developed by Sarah Latcham.

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This page was last updated on February 04, 2011.